//december 2018: a three years study and research for my master's degree in lighting design and multimedia has come to a brilliant conclusion.
//november 2018: a breakthrough has happened at the 59th tiff. for the first time the "best location award" has been granted for a location manager. guess who took it... dimitris chalkiadakis for his work in steve krikris' film "the waiter". very happy!
//november 2018: Steve Krikris won the "best newcomer" award at the 59th TIFF, for his film "the waiter"". very happy!
//september 21-29, 2018: i had the great joy to participate in the 19th lights in alingsås" and the honour to be granted a scholarship for the week long workshop that took place right before the opening.
// the film L won the grand prix of molodist IFF, Kiyv; after it's selection from sundance film festival, rotterdam film festival and too many others, we are very happy!!
// read: interview at rev-ma.com
// the book human in space from nissos publications is now on sale

"Ta panta rhei",Lights in Alingsås